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Here, you will learn about how everything happened within the Chaoverse, from the beginning of time to modern days.


Humans Elves Chaox The Creator Voidkins Orcs Goblins Chaolings Acolytes
Prime Chaolings Living Planetoid
The Unknown Earth Proxima B Tree of Life Grammal Motherland Kaozhan
First Capital Jupiter The Void The Depths Flapland United Capital The Sanctuary
The Void War The Migration The Creation Pandemonium The Sprouting The Fall of the First Capital

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This wiki was created by the fanbase and mates of in order to portrait a new universe created by them. Join us and be part of this awesome story!

Feel free to edit and create new wiki articles with your ideas. Be aware that not all of them will be kept, we will come to an agreement wether the article/story element idea will become canon.

When editing an article, please ask others for references and/or help.

Only edit articles in a way that changes the history after asking and reaching consent of those envolved in the creating of that article and those who have a saying on history itself.

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...creating articles for already existing pages. Most articles are currently set as placeholders with extremelly basic information for writing the entire thing. Help us build the universe!

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The Legendary Flappy

Flappy, the turtle of existence (Flapland)

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